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DiscRestorer™ is the fastest & easiest way to stop skipping and restore play quality!

DiscRestorer™ is an alcohol free, solvent free, nontoxic polish.

DiscRestorer™ works by coating the DVD, Blu-ray, or Game discs & filling in the light scratches that cause skipping. Simply spray it on the disc & wipe it off with a CD wipe or a cotton cloth (no paper towels, as they can scratch the disc).

DiscRestorer™ ... Quick and Easy!

Just Spray, Wipe and Play!




DiscRestorer™ sells so well that we can give new dealers the peace-of -mind of a 100% unconditional 60-day Buy Back Guarantee.

The bottom line is that DiscRestorer™ works! Please feel free to call us with any questions. For more information, or to place an order, please contact us.

It's Quick and Easy!
Just Spray, Wipe and Play!




DiscRestorer™ Protects and Restores your CDs/DVDs! Stops Skipping and Restores Play Quality!

Are you tired of spending money on DVDs/Blu-ray just to see them get scratched and skip? DiscRestorer™ stops skipping and restores play quality! It works on all DVDs/Blu-ray, and Game Discs!

You'll love DiscRestorer™!

DiscRestorer™ is:
  • The Customer's Favorite Impulse Buy! Attractive, reflective mylar label and POP counter display grabs attention for immediate sales impact!
  • Quick & Easy! Goes on in seconds, unlike other products that take 30 minutes to "buff".
  • A DVDs/Blu-ray/Game disc Enhancer! Spray & wipe down each disc before/after renting to remove fingerprints, improve play quality, prevent any skipping and increase the life of the disc.

Try it!  Let your customers watch it work!

** We also enclose 2 FREE point of purchase countertop displays with your 1st order, neatly presenting
12 bottles each right at checkout.

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