How To Clean a CD With Toothpaste

Why Toothpaste?

Toothpaste consists abrasives that will help polish the small scratches and fill them. For the fines scratches, the result will be almost invisible. So if you have a CD that’s not too damaged, we will in this article show you how to clean a cd with toothpaste to get rid of those fine scratches.

Why Do CD’s Get Scratched?

It is very normal to be a little careless with gaming consoles and computers. Sometimes the discs are stored without a case or are kept open, picking up dust which you wipe off with the edge of your t-shirt. That gives the discs small fine scratches and smudges. Another common problem is when you leave the disc on a table or desk with the wrong side down. It’s really hard to pick it up without rubbing it agains the surface of the table, which of course leaves scratches.

This may cause damage to it and the disc may stop working. Deeper scratches on the top of the disc make the disc almost impossible to repair. Data can not be retrieved from a disc that has been damaged hard on the top side. However, scratches on the bottom are repairable by polishing.

How To Clean a CD With Toothpaste

Cleaning a CD with toothpaste actually do work for very fine scratches, like the ones you get from wiping off the dust from it. You simply put some toothpaste on the CD, about 4 plots in the size of a pea should be enough. Now take a microfibre cloth (or equal) and rub it gently all over the surface. Next step is to take the clean end of the microfibre cloth and buff the toothpaste off the CD.

Best Way To Remove Deeper Scratches From a CD

Fixing the scratched CD with professional methods is absolutely the right way to go. With professional methods I mean letting a machine do the work. Disc Repair machines like the ones listed below will do the task for you.

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